Tom Rutt, MD

TR Studio

We're TR Studio. We're an architecture practice of about eight or nine people. We work on a whole series of high-end residential projects in the UK and some abroad. And we basically work with the nicest clients we can find, looking to give them the most bespoke projects we can. Everything is tailored to what they do. We've had Miguel looking after our IT for about two years now, and he's just been a support for us as we've grown the business, and basically taken the weight off my shoulders because I know next to nothing about IT, and it means all the questions that come to me, I can direct them at him, which is a lifesaver. And we recently have just changed over to Miguel hosting our emails. So now that's good, because we've got a complete circle of IT support now. I know that everything is in his pot, and they are super responsive in dealing with everything. And the whole process of doing the change, which I thought was going to be a big headache, all happened over one weekend. And now all the emails are up and running fine, super fast, and yeah, we have one-stop-shop support. So, so far so good. Thank you.

Jaymini Mistry, MD

ThinkSpace Co

- Hi, my name's Jaymini and I'm the director of Think Space Co. I specialize in psychometric testing and executive coaching. I'm very passionate about building high performing teams. I met Miguel from private hosting in 2007. And since then I have engaged him in hosting my website and emails. And prior to engaging with Miguel and private hosting, I used to be with GoDaddy and CrazyDomains. I've also got another business as well. So I've got a couple of websites that I manage. And the biggest difference was that my inboxes were inundated with a lot of spam and it was hard to filter through what was genuine and what was spam and junk mail. And he was, as soon as I switched over it, it was very, very quickly resolved in that I was able to really just stop spending so much time trying to filter through what was real and what wasn't real. And he also simplified the process of being able to manage all of those usernames and admin passwords, et cetera, et cetera, the multiple sites and consolidated it all for me. And it's now so much easier to manage. I don't even need to think about it. If I have had a problem or when I have had a problem, I've reached out and it's been very, very quickly and easily resolved. And the greatest thing I feel with using private hosting is that there's assurity. I feel so secure about the security aspect of it, and that's why I would probably never leave Miguel and his system because yeah, I just, you know, there's been a couple of sites I've been on and things that I'm just grateful that he's got this high level security. I've got this peace of mind that I'm protected and my emails and my website is secure. I don't even need to think about it. So if you're in any doubt, don't be, just go ahead and switch over. He is so passionate about security aspects of your emails and websites that he will protect you. He's doing the job for you. So yeah, if you're on the fence, don't be, just go for it. Okay, thank you for listening. I'm Jaymini from Think Space Co. Thanks.

Simon Loder, MD

Int Tec Solutions

- My name's Simon. I'm Director and Principal Consultant at IntTec Solutions. We provide design and consultancy services in audio-visual, graphic design, and small-scale construction. We've been working with Miguel for about five years now. The overall experience has been outstanding. He is incredibly professional, he has excellent communications, he has a very strong focus on security and resilience. On the very rare occasion that there has been any problem or downtime in service, he's incredibly fast to respond. He's given us lots of information about what's going on and has got the services back up and running very quickly. I can comfortably recommend Miguel and his services to anybody out there looking for email and website hosting, particularly with a focus on security and resilience.

Barbara Charone, MD


- I run MBC PR, a music business PR company and we've been in business 20 years and we have had Miguel work with us for the entire 20 years. And he is very good, very efficient, very professional and extremely nice. And he loves Depeche Mode, who's one of our clients. We've got six people that work for us and yeah, we're probably one of the longest clients and we're very happy. Take care

Robert Barnes, Principal

Robert Barnes Architects

- Hello, my name is Robert Barnes. I am the Principal of Robert Barnes Architects, and I'm a customer of Mathia Business and Miguel de Sousa Pires, whom I've known since 2000. When Miguel was working for the company that used to support our office in IT measures, but then he came to work for us directly as our IT Manager, and we worked very closely together for three years. And it soon became apparent that Miguel's talents far exceeded the requirements of an IT Manager in a small architectural practice, and so I was not surprised when he announced that he wants to set up his own business. And we'd been a customer of Miguel ever since. He provides all the IT support that we need, our email, our website, dealing with security matters. And over the years, I've seen a wonderful level of service which far exceeds the very modest sum that I pay him each year to look after us. I can heartily recommend his business to you and I hope that you will take up with Miguel, and I'm sure that it will do you and your customers a great service to have Miguel there in the background supporting you. Thank you.

Kathryn Seidl, MD

KLS Interiors

- Hi, my name's Kathryn Siedl. I run a company called KLS Interiors based in northwest London. We manufacture bespoke soft furnishings for the trade including curtains, blinds, cushions and re-upholstery and we work on projects in the U.K. and overseas. I first met Miguel about 10 years ago, he was recommended to us by a client when we were looking for a more professional outfit to run our email hosting, and I have to say during that time he has never failed to provide a brilliant service to us. IT is such a vital part of how we function as a business. Without it we simply can't trade and so trust is vital in terms of who we use in this role. There have been bumps along the way over the last ten years I'm not going to lie, but I think they've only highlighted how determined Miguel is, and how passionate he is about his job and how he will literally stop at nothing to make sure that the service he provides to his clients is literally the best it can possibly be. His response time is fantastic and I think that any company who has Miguel at their disposal, should consider themselves lucky that they have one less thing to worry about.

Teresa Hastings, Designer


- Hello, my name is Teresa Hastings. I'm an architectural designer. I've had a long practice working with high-end residential projects and increasingly collaborative projects. Where there's always been a high percentage of bespoke design, Pravda design. I worked with a great many makers. And I now have a studio in India working with hand-woven textiles. I do work a lot with hand-cast metalwork, hand-woven rugs which are woven in Nepal, hand-knotted in Nepal. And fabricated metalwork, so a big range of furniture as well. Working on my own and being, really having to cover all elements of my practice, from the organization to the creative to the design leaves me with little time. About 10 years or so ago, I met Miguel and he first helped me with my IT with any problems that I had which has been absolutely incredible. He's always been happily available. He is, nothing is too difficult. And I then became supported by Private Hosting. It's so much easier for me than any of the larger companies who acted as hosts in the past. Where I would have to be in long queues, I'd have to get a ticket support. It was an absolute nightmare. There are very few problems with Private Hosting. Occasionally there's a little glitch and it's just a call away, never ever a problem. Anytime, always perfect, so I highly recommend using Miguel. Okay, take care, bye!